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The California Museum 2021


Roberta Alvarado is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, photographer, and owner of New Bird Studio. Her vision bridges design and art. She works with other experienced artist to match for the proper esthetic and to support the creative economy.  

With a lifetime submerged in the arts, she stays on trend, understands the way the eye travels and human tendencies. This is what makes a good website design(UX). Like opening a door, if you have to stop and think, do I push or pull or where is the handle? The door was poorly designed. A door you do not have to think about opening is well designed.

As a professional photographer, Roberta traveled by backpack to destinations throughout the American continent documenting the people, culture, and customs of the places she visited along the way. After 3 years of travel, she had her first solo exhibit "Layers of Life in Death: Yucatan, Mexico" at The Brickhouse Art Gallery, Sacramento, California. 

A few more highlights include:

November 2021, The California Museum invited her to exhibit 7- 3ft x 4ft images and construct a replication of the "casitas" of the cemeteries of the Yucatan, alongside an altar to honor Ishi and Indigenous ancestors throughout this continent for "Dia de Los Muertos: Espiritus Creativos de California". She named it "An Elder Ago" to give the perspective of time. The exhibit and event can be seen here

November 2022 Exhibit "Layers of Life in Death: a photographer's path to Hanal Pixan" at The Consulate General of Mexico, Sacramento, California. 

October 2023 Exhibit "Layers of Life in Death: The Warrior Within" at SOMArts and Culture Gallery, San Francisco, California. 


Her image, "Old Well Cafe"  was featured in Paramount Picture's  "The Big Short" 


Images seen throughout the website are by Roberta Alvarado and are available for purchase:  SHOP.

See her portfolio here.  

See more on exhibits here.

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