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  isuals are Our passion.
There are many benefits of having all of your web design & visual needs completed by New Bird Studio.  Not only is the convenience fantastic, but it also gives you the advantage of custom, consistent and cohesive branding that speaks directly to your target audience. For website design, social media, marketing tools, eCommerce, photographing you, your business, staff, products, events, and more, we have you covered. We are solution-oriented, conversion-driven, and strive to be your one-stop for all of your visual needs to update, launch, and transform your business.
An amazing and unique perk of working with New Bird Studio is gaining access to thousands of stock imagery not available anywhere else! Our private stock of images ranges from fee to free. Images, such as seen throughout this website, and thousands more will set your site apart from competitors and you will not have to worry about choosing from the same collection of images as every other business owner in your field that rely solely on the same batches of impersonal imagery.  
If more visuals are needed, based on your needs, we can tailor photography session/s specific to your industry. The images we take for you will complement across your website, all social media platforms, marketing, products, eCommerce, and more.
Capture your audience with creative, on-trend, captivating, mindfully implemented, and target-driven branding. We work with our clients to gain an in-depth understanding of the ultimate vision and then create it. You want your services shared with as many people as possible and we want that for you. Our team will deliver inspiring, attention-seeking, picture-perfect, beautiful digital marketing to soar your business to new heights.
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 In these times of isolation, frustration, and long wait times consumers appreciate a stress-free process. With employee shortages and increased online traffic, your digital presence, followed by well thought out web design and strategies, frees your time, relieves stress, and allows you to adapt and go with the current, not against it. 

Your website's primary function is an introduction that leads your customer to hire you, visit your establishment, check out a cart of goods/services, or contact your company for a consultation. Good website design understands consumer habits and leads the way to complete the desired transaction smoothly. Its job is to gain repeat customers & loyal clients who choose your business over the competition because it established trust and professionalism. But first, it needs to be eye-catching to your target audience. 

We will get to know your industry, clientele, competitors, business mission, and future goals thoroughly. We will also discuss any points of stress and favorite features of your existing or future website. Then, you do not need to worry about the heavy lifting, because we will do that for you. Hiring us will free your time to do what you do best, thus launching your business into the future. 

Hi, my name is Roberta. Birdie for short.


Solo exhibit "Layers of Life in Death: Yucatan, Mexico" at The Brickhouse Art Gallery

"Two Moons" by  Roberta Alvarado 2014


The California Museum 2021


Roberta Alvarado is an artist, designer, photographer, and owner of New Bird Studio photography &  website design

With a lifetime submerged in the arts, she stays on trend, understands the way the eye travels and human tendencies. This is what makes a good website design. It's much like opening a door. If you have to stop and think, do I push or pull or where is the handle? The door was poorly designed. A door you do not have to think about opening is well designed.

We keep the target audience and esthetic in mind from start to finish. Also, adding photography sessions further allows for a consistent, fully customized experience and your future clientele will take notice. 

As a professional photographer, Roberta traveled by backpack to destinations throughout the American continent documenting the people, culture, and customs of the places she visited along the way. After 3 years of travel, she had her first solo exhibit "Layers of Life in Death: Yucatan, Mexico" at The Brickhouse Art Gallery, Sacramento, California. 

In November 2021, The California Museum invited her to exhibit 7- 3ft x 4ft images and construct a replication of the "casitas" of the cemeteries of the Yucatan, alongside an altar to honor Ishi and Indigenous ancestors throughout this continent for "Dia de Los Muertos: Espiritus Creativos de California". She named it "An Elder Ago" to give the perspective of time. The exhibit and event can be seen here

From November 2nd through November 30th, 2022 Exhibit "Layers of Life in Death: a photographer's path to Hanal Pixan" is at The Consulate General of Mexico, Sacramento, California. 

Her image, "Old Well Cafe"  was featured in Paramount Picture's  "The Big Short" 


Images seen throughout the website are by Roberta Alvarado and are available for purchase:  SHOP.

See her portfolio here.  

Let us focus on your business to meet these demanding times. Click the envelope to book an exploratory call and receive a free quote! Let's get started! 

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