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Our websites are art! We create photocentric website design to tell your story through stunning visuals.  

Adaptability in today's climate means having a strong online presence. 

Your website sets the tone for your business.

Functionality and flow should be easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. Your website should draw your customer in to scroll and operate on your chosen path. Whether the call of action is to contact your company for more information or purchase your products through an ecommerce store, we will set your business up for success.

There are many details that convert your target audience to loyal customers. Leave such details to New Bird Studio. That way you have more quality time to do what you do best, launching your business to greater success. Book a free creative brainstorming session and lets discuss how our services will capture attention with intriguing, affordable, and visually stunning website design. Include a link to any current websites for review. 

Product Photography

To properly display your products and services the details are essential. The background must be complimentary and consistent. Labels crisp and clear. Images must show the product from different angles, and accentuate any unique features that tell your customer exactly what they are getting to avoid potential pitfalls. You want your clients to feel secure to purchase or order services with no reason to look further nor seek out your competition. ​

You put so much into what you provide. Now do your products justice! From in studio to outdoors; staging, editing, with or without models, and more, we will listen to your needs, then specifically tailor a customized photo session. 

Click the envelope below to discuss your product & services photography needs and let us take it from there! It'll feel good to check that off of your list and know you are in good hands! 

Creative  Brainstorming 

It's always better (and fun!) to have a creative brainstorming session with another creative mind. Especially when their knowledge base is what you are seeking. You enjoy and want to do your own marketing but you need to be reinvigorated with inspiration? Maybe you need that nudge to help you out of a rut and on a clear path that leads to leveling up. 

One of the most sought after creative skills to acquire is how to go from abstract to attainable, from ideas to an effective direction, in your marketing and digital needs.

This is much more than feedback! 

Our session will start as creative free reign and ends with a direct, clear, focused, and intentional path to achieve your designated goals, and convert your dream into your reality. Sessions start at $75  hour

Headshots, Lifestyle & Portrait sessions

As the saying goes, " If you stay ready, you'll never have to get ready!"

Perfect for the "About Us" or "Bio" section of your website. Your photo session will include classic to lifestyle images. Boss to friendly and approachable. This way whatever your progress requires, you will be fresh & prepared!


You will have a file folder of head, three quarter, and full images conveying how you want to present yourself given the occasion. Click the envelope below to take for prices. 


Let New Bird Studio photograph your next event in Sacramento County and surrounding areas. Locations beyond can be discussed and may include travel costs.


Covering your next business event is important to document and remember. It's also a great opportunity to personalize your business. Also, of course, we have the edge of the photographs being consistent with your brand and website esthetic.


Contact us by clicking the envelope below and we will discuss the details of your occasion and provide a quote. 


Social media posts,  business cards, posters, promotional products, signage, marketing materials, and more. The critical marketing materials that entail skill, talent, and cohesive design.

Design must be clear and precise. Afterall, these are the factors that determine who your client chooses to do business with. 

New Bird Studio believes your success is our success! Ask us about how we plan to create products that will make your business stand out and be memorable! We have tried and true strategies!

Book a free creative brainstorming session today! Your marketing strategy determines your success! 

Chaparral, Death Valley, California by Roberta Alvarado 2021

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