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Ivory Coast


My name is Affoué Brigitte Bawle princess of the Akoue tribe of Yamoussoukro (/ˌjæmʊˈsuːkroʊ/  Ivory Coast and an autonomous district.  My language is Bawle. As of the 2014 census, Yamoussoukro is the fifth most populous city in Ivory Coast with a population of 212,670.[1] Located 240 kilometers (150 mi) north-west of Abidjan, the district of Yamoussoukro covers 2,075 square kilometers (801 sq mi) among rolling hills and plains.

Libation  pouring is the activity whereby water, alcohol or any beverage, such as wine, is poured on the ground with the intention of invoking the spirits and requesting their assistance (Ayim-Aboagye 1993: 165).

Water (N’zue) life source, purifying way of regenerating generation. Libation is a religious ritual of offerings to God for his blessings.


When pouring water

call upon your ancestors. 

Start by calling

sky (Gnamien)

Earth (Assie) 

here your water pour few drops

Mame Akundekami and Brimbo sacred rivers few drops

Nanan Boigny N’dri

ancestor of our family

May our ceremony go well,

may you bless all participants.

May everyone go home safe

May all Bad spirits be cursed.

Symbolism of jewelry in the Bawle Peoples Ivory Coast, early 20th century, gold cast and tooled.

While one might think of gold ornaments as a symbol of wealth in the material sense, Baule people ascribe a far more sacred value to this precious metal. For them, gold is “like a god” and is treated as an heirloom that evokes the presence of the ancestors.


Baule families keep gold in ancestral treasuries called Aja, which contain assorted prestige articles, including solid cast gold ornaments.


Brigitte hair style is Akôrou Koffié" (meaning "the wife of the spider" in Bawle) from the shape of leaves from Iroko tree.

Brigitte’s traditional attire in 100% cotton and natural dyes, the cloth has proper name depending on the color and designs.

In Côte d'Ivoire, the fabric is affectionately called "pagne Baoulé". The textile clearly finds its name and roots from the Baoulé, Akan people of Côte d’Ivoire, but is more so originating from the 16th century Ashanti Kingdom, which empire stretched from present-day countries of Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire. For centuries, the fabric has mostly been adorned during community gatherings, special events, traditional proceedings and festivities. For many local communities, the fabric is the main source of revenue. And the techniques are transmitted from generations to the next.

Brigitte is the owner of the first African royalty selfie boutique in Sacramento.  The House of Royals  is a place to re/connect to African roots, dress and be royal. Her business follows her passion for passing on cultural knowledge to others. Please take a moment to follow, share, and support by visiting

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Roberta Alvarado  is a Sacramento based multi disciplinary artist and the owner of New Bird Studio with a lifelong interest in art and community. From the political scenes living in capitol of California to the deserts of the Southwest, Mexico, Nicaragua, and on, Roberta is a fine art documentary photographer with a focus on American culture.

A few of her work highlights  have been being featured in Paramount Picture's "The Big Short", exhibited at The California Museum, solo exhibits at The Consulate General of Mexico, Sacramento, The Brickhouse Art Gallery, published in VoyageLA, Bold Journey.

When not creating and installing art we are helping small to medium size businesses succeed.  Every small business win is a community win!  We are a part of and invest in Sacramento's creative community.  New Bird Studio is ART.  We are a one stop shop for all visual marketing needs. 

First we engage your customer base with intriguing photography (commercial, product, headshot, event, etc) . Then we create a stunning highly efficient website and digital products. In a visual world we need to see and hear your story. Your business has a story, we keep it consistent with your branding. We are about community.

We build Artist's portfolio websites

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