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 New Bird Studio 

In today's digital climate your business website is the first step in converting contacts to contracts and earning loyal customers. Investing in your website is critical for business vitality. As an artist, I've mastered capturing attention and stimulating interest, intrigue, and inspiration. New Bird Studio will provide the proper esthetic to convert interest to sales.


Hi, my name is Roberta Alvarado. I'm a professional photographer, artist, designer, and owner of New Bird Studio.  I created New Bird Studio to infuse my passions to serve my other passion, small to medium size businesses like yours, and making a positive community to global impact! Whether it's a team member or me, the results will have you feeling invigorated and prepared as we experience this great transformation submerged in the digital world.

We cater to all businesses from startups to well-established! We are solution-based & tailor work specifically to meet your needs! 


Let us show you how we may build the perfect website and help your business soar with a free exploratory call! Click the envelope below and Let's Talk!  

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Downtown Sacramento, California photo by Roberta Alvarado 2020