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Del Rio Trail Project

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Lorena, Colombia (Click on image to see more)


Danny, America ( Click on image to see more)


Jay, India ( Click on image to see more)


Brigitte, Ivory Coast (Click on image to see more)


Houa, Hmong ( Click on image to see more )


In my travels as a storyteller with a passion for fine art documentary photography, I sometimes receive the gift of oral tradition.  I found myself  inspired  by the common roots throughout the American continent and how immigration may create  circumstantial  variations . 

We are taught to focus on our differences and the word culture, ethnicity, race is viewed as divisive. Yet I see it as a realizion of our ultimate oneness.

It's easy that on our paths to re/connect with our culture we can become encapsulated and the journey of our neighbor doing the same may run parellal. This may seem harmless but it is a lost opportunity for community. 

All the glimpses, intrigue, appreciation, friendships, and respect for others has led me to pursue this project of highlighting commonalities divided only by land masses and oceans.   We each rely on the same sun, moon, and elements to carry us forward. Cultures inspire me.

For many, these practices are revolutionary. To preserve them is to honor the risks and punishments our ancestors endured and sacrificed to keep them alive.

I sincerely believe, like many, our future is in the hands of indigenous knowledge and the efforts of people such as who I am profiling here. Individually we hold the power to build the world we want to see. We grow and influence the future generations to be caretakers. We are the accumulation of daily decisions. When we are mindful of the impact of those decisions we are participating in the solutions, oneness and mindfulness. 

In this project I focus on 5 individuals representing different continents and the practices, traditions, rituals, and/or ceremonies. This is phase one. There will be a solo exhibit in the fall and it will expand and grow from here.  I would appreciate if you would subscribe and follow this unfolding journey with  me. 

I created this as an art installation to bring in elements of the Del Rio Trail's railroad history. The tracks will stay intact. 

When one walks the path, I hope to inspire them to be mindful and connected to the spirits of the land as well as the Indigenous people who call/ed it home.

Roberta Alvarado


of New Bird Studio





In my travels

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