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One-stop-shop for all
your visual needs in one nest* 


Masterpiece design


*  The benefits of having your photography, website, digital products designer and social media manager from one studio are more cohesive and impactful results. Branding across your social media platforms, marketing, website, ecommerce, and more will be consistent and memorable.


Whether you already have all the images, need a few to many more, or you are starting from scratch New Bird Studio is here to design your online presence to inspire, invigorate, and assist you in carrying out your goals!  


We are your one stop shop for: 

  • Custom tailored masterpiece web design that converts interest to sales.

  • Specifically tailored and target minded photography sessions for branding images including headshots, on location, services, product, event coverage and more to meet your unique needs & personalization.

  • Access to an exclusive library of thousands of unique & stunning stock images.

  • Digital products, social media posts, social media management.

  • Strategic marketing

  • Creative brainstorming sessions

  • Plus the added convenience, lower costs and more.

Sun through Joshua Tree, Death Valley, California/ Roberta Alvarado 2021

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